Why do folks call us?

  • A retiree in Florida wanted to free up some CASH to send his granddaughter to college
  • A couple in California needed CASH quickly to complete their divorce settlement
  • An investor in North Carolina needed CASH to act fast in securing a great deal on a rental property that promised a much higher return than her mortgage note
  • A farmer in Texas wanted to donate CASH to his church for an important building project
  • A couple in New Mexico got a big surprise from the IRS when their business tax return was audited. They needed CASH in a hurry!
  • A divorcee in Georgia wanted to stop wasting money on rent and buy her own home again
  • A retiree in Florida needed CASH fast to fix her leaking roof after heavy rains and to pay off some medical bills
  • A builder in Texas turned one mortgage note into four! By selling one note, he raised enough CASH to build four new houses and he carried back new mortgage notes on all four sales
  • A nightclub owner in Pennsylvania needed CASH to expand his business

The process is simple, fill out a simple form about your note then let us offer you a price to buy it from you for CASH! If you like our offer, sell it to us and if you don't, no worries, there's no commitment or obligation.




Do you need a private mortgage note quote? Cash4Notes is a mortgage note buyer that can help! Contact us today and get the help you need!

“I’m so thankful that I found Cash4Notes! I was in a bind and needed cash ASAP. They were able to help me out by buying part of a note I held that I was receiving payments on. Cash4Notes was very considerate of my needs and worked with me in a timely manner to get me the cash I needed. I would highly recommend them to do business with and I will use them again if I need to!"                                                                                                             Sherri D.